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Crimson Girls: Chikan Shihai 4.83/5 (36)


Title: Crimson Girls: Chikan Shihai
Episodes: 3
Aired: May 25, 2012 to September 20,2015

The Crimson Girls protect women from train molesters. Mitsu, one of the two members, caught the attention of a unique man who could make a woman orgasm with just a touch. He and some of his friends trap Mitsu on the train and brought her to the hotel where she was tortured and had her virginity taken. Now that one of the Crimson Girls has succumbed to his will, his next target is Saki…

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Unsweet: Netorare Ochita Onna-tachi 4/5 (2)

Title: Unsweet: Netorare Ochita Onna-tachi
Episodes: 1
Aired: Oct 19, 2012

Jun and his teacher Katsuko Kurose are in love with each other. One day, Kazuya Shinohara sees them together in a classroom and blackmails Katsuko to have sex with him. She begins to enjoy it more and more. Will she hold on?


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Kuroinu: Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru 5/5 (2)

Title : Kuroinu: Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru
Total Episodes: 4
Aired: Jan 27, 2012 to Jan 31, 2014

An epic battle was taking place for more than several hundred years between two countries. One of them sent a special troop, but the soldiers went over to the other side and started invading the country they used to belong… Also, they declared the foundation of nation. In the country, all women had to serve all the male visitors sexually…

(Source: ErogeShop)

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Ojou-sama Yomeiri Kousou! 4.92/5 (13)

Title : Ojou-sama Yomeiri Kousou!
Total Episodes : 2
Aired: Oct 5, 2012 to Nov 30, 2012

The story revolves around Mamoru Amakawa who was a transferee in a certain school. Then one day he recieved two love letters. One from Sakura Sumiyoi daughter of the gang learder who owns the northern haft of the city, the other from Ageha Kurosaki the daughter of the Black Rose mafia leader who rules the southern haft of the city. Unfortunately for him these two fell in love with him and willing to do anything just to get his affection. How will he cope up with these sticky situation?

(Source: Livez Einzweil)

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