Oppai Heart: Kanojo wa Kedamono Hatsujouki!?

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Title : Oppai Heart: Kanojo wa Kedamono Hatsujouki!?
Total Episodes : 2
Aired: Oct 28, 2011 to Feb 24, 2012

   Ryuya has an older sister, Miya. He lives a peaceful school life with his friends. But one day, he and his friends accidentally drink a medicine juice. Once you drink it, you’ll become sexually sensitive and get excited. The breasts of the girls who drink it will get bigger and they will need to have sex to cool down. Also, to make a vaccine, they will need to get pregnant. Ryuya starts having sex with the girls to cool them down and make a vaccine.

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Format: mp4

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Kowaku no Toki

0/5 (1)

Title : Kowaku no Toki
Total Episodes :
Aired: Oct 28, 2011 to ?

   Based on the erotic game by Tinker Bell. Mibuu Kyousuke is a detective who finds himself lost in the mountains where he dreams of a girl who is involved in an obscene ritual of torture and molestation by deformed old men and a bull. When he finds a house he meets the girl from his dreams (Yukino) and decided he wants to save her. Yukino thanks him for his kindness but begs him to leave since it is dangerous for outsiders. The longer Kyousuke stays at the house the more he finds himself being overtaken by desire. Will he be able to save Yukino and her family from their nightly torture or will he become a victim himself?

Format: MP4
Duration: 30 mins
Censorship: Censored


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Episode 4  Tusfiles   Anafile

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Cosplay Roshutsu Kenkyuukai

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Title: Cosplay Roshutsu Kenkyuukai
Total Episodes: 2
Aired: Apr 22, 2011 to Jul 22, 2011

Aya, a waitress at a cosplay cafe, receives an E-mail asking her to go to an anime convention, for which she’ll be paid as much as she wants, but with one condition: to obey all the males’ orders. She ends up going out of curiosity, but the normal perversity among the otaku and her own dirty thoughts turn the photo session into an exhibitionism session.

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JK to Inkou Kyoushi 4

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Title : JK to Inkou Kyoushi 4
Total Episodes : 2
Genres : Hentai
Aired: May 27, 2011 to Jan 27, 2012

    Takashi is a teacher. One day, two new students come to his class, Shizuka and Satsuki. Shizuka is friendly and Satsuki is quiet. Some days later the vice-principal suddenly orders Takashi to take care of them, and it turns out that Shizuka is actually selfish and egoistic…

Format: MP4
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